Community Development


The Department of Community Development, located at the old daycare building, supports community members to identify and take collective action on important issues by empowering them to become stronger and more connected.


To bring about positive change and facilitate developments that will enhance the lives of the people of Saba through various programs and services.

Focus areas of Community Development:

  • Adult Social Care

  • Children Rights
  • Disability Support

  • Domestic Violence

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Poverty Reduction

  • Preventative Youth and Family Care

Adult Social Care

Supports the adult community of Saba with social, social-emotional, psycho-social, and financial challenges, by providing guidance, practical advice, emotional support, financial assistance, support with poverty relief, offering a listening ear, budgeting training, tools, and tips, anger management, social skills, etcetera.


The social worker works, when needed for the specific case, closely with other stakeholders that work with families, to provide a family-based plan of action.


Support from social work is offered via home visits, office visits, walk-ins, phone calls, emails, or what’s app. (#/email)

Children's Rights

Disability Support

Domestic Violence Service 

Everyone has the right to live a life free of violence and abuse and neglect.

The Domestic Violence Service supports women, children, young people experiencing violence to access services they need to be safe and feel supported.

The service forms part of Community Development and works closely with colleagues within Public Entity Saba, such as from Public Health, the Adult Social Work team and Children’s and Family’s team, and organizations outside of PES where children and young people frequent, such as Day Care and also organizations such as Zorg en Jeugd Caribisch Nederland (formerly called Center for Youth and or JGCN).    

The service currently:

  • Provides confidential advice and advocacy on safety planning, risk assessment, finding legal advice, housing and safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults.

  • Processing referrals, reports about the safety of children and adults within the community

  • Making together with children, young people and adults, decisions on the most suitable response based on individual’s and family needs and the level of risk

  • Passing on referrals to the most appropriate service

Work is underway to develop an accessible and sustainable central advice and reporting point where all persons in the community can contact for information, advice, support and guidance on family violence whether between adults or towards children and young people.

Safety Network partnership

The Safety Network is a is a partnership between the Public Entity of Saba and the Justice Department and health and care organizations in which the various parties work together to effectively tackle complex problems.

If you are worried about a child or an adult please call…

In emergency situations or if a child or adult is in immediate danger please call the police on 4163737 or 911


To be added maybe a later point list of Support services who can help:


  • Victim Support

  • SZW

  • ZJCN

  • Court of Guardianship

  • Mental Health Caribbean

  • Probation

  • Police

  • Hospital

  • Day Care

  • Elementary School

  • Secondary School

  • EC2

  • After School Care

  • Child Focus

  • Saba reach Foundation

Early Childhood Education

Poverty Reduction

Preventative Youth & Family Care

  • Adolescent counselling 

  • Social and emotional coaching 

  • Social skills training

  • Support for parent- child relationship dynamics