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COVID-19 and Saba


General Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • Stay at home when experiencing flu-like symptoms.

  • If you develop symptoms related to covid-19 (dry cough, fever, tiredness, sore throat, headache, extreme fatigue, loss of taste or smell), contact Saba Cares at (+599)-416-3288

  • For any Covid-19-related questions, contact the Public Health Department at


Saba has no Entry or On-island Requirements, regardless of your vaccination status.

The situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic remains fluid, and the Island Government of the Public Entity Saba reserves the right to change any conditions when the circumstances require such. 

Things you should know;​​

  • If you test positive for Covid-19 on the island, you should immediately isolate yourself from others. The isolation period is 5 days.

  • If you are a household member or in close contact with a positive case, you should take extra precautions, such as wearing a mask in public places and monitoring yourself.


Awareness levels

Saba is now at Level 1! There are three evolving levels of awareness in managing and mitigating the risk of Covid-19 on Saba. Each level's activation depends on the situation on Saba, the region, and the evolving Covid-19 strains.




Contact the Department of Public Health & Sports at or  +599 4163311 ext. 314 or 315.


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