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Executive Council

The Island Governor, Jonathan Johnson, and Commissioners, Bruce Zagers and Eviton Heyliger, form the Executive Council. The Executive Council executes the daily management of Saba.


The Island Governor is the chairman of the Executive Council and the Island Council. The Crown appoints the Island Governor for a term of six years. After this period, the Island Governor can be reappointed for another period of six years.

The Island Secretary, appointed by the Executive Council, is the head of the official organization and officially assists the Executive Council.

Island Governor
Jonathan Johnson

Eviton Heyliger

Bruce Zagers

Each Executive Council Member has different policy areas for which he is responsible. Members of the Island ​​Council elect the Commissioners. The Municipal Executive operates as a collective, which means that they are jointly responsible for the policy pursued by each of them.

Queries to the Executive Council can be sent to 

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