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The Island Council

The Island Council is the highest administrative body of the Public Entity Saba and consists of 5 members. All members are members of a political party and are directly elected by the voting residents. Therefore, the Island Council represents the people of Saba, indicates the outlines for policy, and monitors the Executive council.


The content of the Island Council's decisions is prepared in various committees, and the decisions are debated and voted on during the public Island Council meetings. During the Central Committee meetings, the Island  Council members ask the Executive Council questions about the island's current affairs.


You can attend all public meetings or follow them over the Internet.

The chairman of the Island Council is Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, supported by Island Registrar Akilah Leventone. 

Elsa Peterson

Rolando Wilson

Saskia Matthew


Julio Every

Vito Charles

Contact the Island Council at

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