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Additional Public Information Concerning Hurricane Tammy

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Saba Splash: Reverse Osmosis

Due to Hurricane Tammy approaching, we have halted production of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.). The safety and efficiency of our water production system are of utmost importance to us, and this precautionary measure has been taken to ensure the integrity of the system. We will closely monitor the situation and update you when the R.O. water production is back online.

Phone Lines and Modems

In consideration of Hurricane Tammy, we strongly advise taking precautionary measures to protect your electronic devices. As the weather deteriorates and thunderstorms approach, it is highly recommended to disconnect both your modem and the phone line to the modem.

Disconnecting the phone line serves as a vital safety precaution to prevent potential power surges that could originate outside of your home and travel through the phone line to the modem. By taking this simple step, you can safeguard your electronic equipment and minimize the risk of damage due to electrical disturbances caused by inclement weather.

Garbage Bins

As we prepare for Hurricane Tammy, it is crucial to take proactive steps to ensure the safety of your surroundings and prevent potential damage to property. We kindly remind those who have not already done so to secure their garbage bins properly.

Unsecured garbage bins have the potential to become hazards during strong winds, causing litter and, in some cases, damaging property.

Here are some ways to secure your garbage bins:

  1. Place heavy objects, such as bricks or rocks, inside the bins to add weight and stability.

  2. Use bungee cords or sturdy straps to secure.

  3. Store the bins in a sheltered area, such as a garage or shed, if possible.

Businesses and Business Owners/Operators

During Hurricane Tammy, we understand that various factors, including weather conditions, customer demand, and the safety of your employees, can influence your choice to operate during specific times. You have the discretion to determine whether to remain open or closed. While the decision is at your discretion, we do encourage all businesses to stay informed on the weather updates.

Your cooperation in these efforts is greatly appreciated during this time. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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