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Ambassador Rene van Nes visits Saba

From May 23rd to May 26th, Ambassador of the EU Delegation in Guyana, Mr. Rene van Nes, visited Saba.

He was hosted by EU contact, Courtney Hassell, and began his trip with a meeting with Francine Zagers, as Saba's OCT (Overseas Countries and Territories) Youth Network Representative, where topics explored included the special partnership between the OCTs and the EU.

The Ambassador then met with Acting Island Governor, Shamara Nicholson, Acting Island Secretary, Maureen Hassell-Vander Kapp and Commissioner Eviton Heyliger. Discussions were held on the developments being made on Saba.

Following this, a tour of the Under the Hill site was given, displaying social housing units. Information was also shared on the collaborations between PES, BZK, Own Your Own Home Foundation, and Bazalt Wonen.

The next day, Ambassador van Nes met with Saba Electric representatives to discuss strides made at the solar park and plans for expansion. After, a tour of the hydroponics farm was also given, where local produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers are grown to reduce Saba's importation of food and promote self-sufficiency of the island.

Through this series of meetings and site visits, the Ambassador engaged with local leaders and initiatives that highlight Saba's strides towards sustainable development. With this, the collaboration between Saba and the EU continues to be reinforced, further fostering developments in a number of areas which promote progress for the island.

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