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Big turnout for Saba Strongest, new segments

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Some 80 sports enthusiasts took part in the second edition of the annual Saba Strongest competition at the Johan Cruyff Court on Thursday, December 1. This year, more teams, more individual participants, a new segment, and added elements were added.

This year’s well-received addition was the Power Hour, a lifting session with five female and 10 male participants. The overall female lifting winner was Joy-Ann Robinson. James Granger won the male lightweight lifting competition, and Gideon Wilson in the male heavyweight section.

In the cross-fit segment, the 21 female and male participants did exercises such as burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, box jumps, and skipping ropes. The men had to do a higher number of exercises than the females. The male winner was Shurendy Winfield (4 min 40 sec), followed in second place by Allan Carolina (4:43) and Alejandro Londoño Garcia with 4:48.

First place in the cross-fit females was Alexis Charles (4:07), the second was Eefje Vorage (4:34), and third was Angie Ignacio (4:48). An honorable mention received by Niza Hassell of the Coast Guard group that participated at Saba’s Strongest. She completed the cross-fit exercises in 4:37. S’Mikes Gym and Fun Free Fitness sponsored prizes.

Ten teams participated in the group segment with the obstacle course. New elements were added to the obstacle course, including wall climbing, an ice bath, and tire stacking. The winner was the Police Force team which completed the course in 1 minute and 54 seconds.

The competition part of Saba Strongest was preceded by a family fun event whereby children and their parents participated in several activities, such as the obstacle course. This part of the program also had a good turnout.

Saba Strongest was organized by the Public Health and Sports Department in collaboration with Fit with Lee and S’Mikes Gym. Saba Strongest fits in the overall goal of the Public Entity Saba to get the community to be active and to have a healthy lifestyle.

Joelyn Robinson of the Public Health and Sports Department thanked the community for their support. “We had a big turnout, and we hope to make Saba Strongest even bigger next year with the participation of the Marines,” she said.

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