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Bypass road St John's

The general public is hereby informed of the following:

In connection with the School Renovation and Expansion project, the Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba is looking into the development of a Bypass Road on St. John’s as shown in the attached drawing (1) on the island of Saba. This projected road will alleviate the traffic congestion in the village of St. John’s, particularly in the location of the schools. This road will be built on Government land as well as on property that is not currently registered at Cadaster Saba, nor are there any known legal owners or claimants. The red shaded area in the drawing (2) below indicates the unclaimed property over which the projected road is to be built. If a person holds a claim to this property, please contact the Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba as soon as possible, but ultimately on or before June 29, 2022. You can do this by sending an email to or or call +599 416-3292. You can include proof of your ownership claim or we can organize a meeting with you to review your paperwork. Part of the process of submitted claims is that the legal desk Saba will assess the paperwork and advise the Executive Council on its merits.

Drawing 1

Drawing 2: The red shaded area adjacent the chapel

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