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Canon aims to document Saba's history for future generations

Recently, the Executive and Island Council members were invited to a presentation of the first version of the Canon of Saba's history.

The Canon addresses cultural and historical subjects deemed sufficiently necessary by the community that must be archived so that they can be easily accessible to be transmitted to future generations, new residents, and visitors to the island.

The presentation of the Canon was given by Angus Martin of SABARC, the organization which has a role in documenting Saba's history and cultural heritage. At the presentation, it was made clear that a lot of materials, books as well as other documents are available that describe and tells Saba's rich history, yet there is, as Anton Hermans, Principal of the Saba Comprehensive School stated, 'no clear red thread for the schools to work with'.

That is why the SCS took it upon itself to work on a history curriculum for primary and secondary school in such a way, that resembled the set up and lay out of the Canon of the Netherlands. The Canon of the Netherlands contains important persons, objects and events that show the story of the historical and cultural development of the Netherlands. History enthusiast Peter Johnson was requested to take the lead in this project which will be submitted for approval as the Saba Canon by the Island Council later this month.

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