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Commissioner Heyliger Receives First Healthcare Card as Saba Prepares for Rollout

On Wednesday, March 13th, 2024, Commissioner of Health, Eviton Heyliger met with representatives from Zorg & Jeugd Caribisch Nederland (ZJCN) - at the Government Administration Building for the official presentation of the new healthcare card for residents of the Caribbean Netherlands. Also present at the occasion were representatives of the ZJCN, Mewael Fitiwi, Carolyn Johnson, and Milva Linzey. Saba will be the first island in the Caribbean Netherlands to introduce this type of medical insurance card.

The healthcare card, specifically for individual use, was developed with the aim of improving referrals abroad where it pertains to emergency medical assistance for insured residents of the Caribbean Netherlands. Specifically targeted towards urgent medical interventions that cannot be delayed, the initiative marks a significant stride towards enhancing healthcare accessibility and responsiveness.

Commissioner Heyliger expressed his satisfaction with the realization of this, remarking, "Throughout my previous medical travels, I consistently contemplated the vital need for such a system. Witnessing its actualization today is immensely gratifying. While there remains substantial groundwork ahead, I firmly believe that this marks a pivotal advancement for the welfare of the Saban community."

Healthcare card as proof of insurance

The healthcare card replaces the proof of insurance. Insured individuals will no longer need to visit the ZJCN office to obtain proof of insurance before traveling abroad. The healthcare card includes the insured person's details as well as ZJCN's contact information. In case of emergency medical care abroad, individuals should contact ZJCN as soon as possible. Additionally, the healthcare card can be used at pharmacies and laboratories in Saba.

Healthcare card is not travel insurance

The healthcare card is specifically designed for urgent medical situations abroad that cannot be postponed. ZJCN strongly recommends that all residents of the Caribbean Netherlands obtain travel insurance before embarking on international trips.

Collecting the healthcare card

Insured residents of Saba are requested to collect their healthcare cards during specific periods based on their year of birth, as detailed below:

Location: RCN- SSO office. Matthew Levenstone Street #5

All residents of Saba with a minimum insurance period of 2 years will receive a personal healthcare card. Parents of children under 18 years old can collect their child's card. The validity of the healthcare card ranges from 2 to 5 years, depending on the insurance period.

When collecting the card, individuals must present a valid sédula, passport, or driver's license. Additionally, presenting a bank card is required so that the bank account number can be registered in ZJCN's database for future (medical) reimbursements. The acquisition of the healthcare card is free of charge.

Power of Attorney Form

Residents of Saba who are less mobile or have other limitations can authorize a family member through a power of attorney form, which is available online or can be obtained at the ZJCN office. For more information, please visit:

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