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Commissioner Wilson has breakfast with Youth Council

To start their last day of meetings in the Netherlands with sufficient energy, Commissioner of Youth Affairs Rolando Wilson treated the Saba Youth Council, the parents, and coaches to breakfast in The Hague on Thursday, July 7th.

Commissioner Wilson was very impressed with the full program of the Youth Council's one-week visit to the Netherlands. The visit included meetings with State Secretary of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Alexandra van Huffelen, Utrecht Municipal Council members, the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament, and at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations BZK and the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF).

"I am pleased that the Public Entity Saba, UNICEF, and the Ministry of BZK were able to make this trip for the Saba Youth Council a reality. The Public Entity Saba commits with the Ministry of BZK and UNICEF to make this a yearly tradition. The voice of the youth is important. They are our future," said Commissioner Wilson.

Wilson said that the exposure to the Netherlands was good for the members of the Youth Council for them to see the reality of the Netherlands and how student homes look. "Studying and participating in a big society like the Netherlands, one needs to be sure of oneself and have a goal," Wilson said.

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