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Commissioner Zagers welcomes children back to school

Commissioner of Education Bruce Zagers was present at the Sacred Heart School (SHS) on Monday to welcome students and teachers back to school.

“I hope our kids will embrace the challenges of the new school year as they continue to learn, grow, mature, and, of course, have fun. I would also like to thank all of our new teachers and support staff for becoming a part of our schools and the lives of our children. If you are from abroad, may your Saba adventure be successful and rewarding. As for our returning teachers and support staff, welcome back. I wish you continued success.”

Children and teachers will be confronted with the first big step in improving the facilities at the SHS: the construction of a new school building. “Progress can often come with some inconveniences, but the end product will prove to be worth it as it will show real progress and will offer much better facilities for our students and teachers. Once this building is completed, the phased improvements will continue as the other buildings will also be modified to fit our school and classroom needs.”

Zagers announced that this year too, the government will start to progress with the technical plans for a new Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) in St. John's, as well as the plans for the new daycare building and afterschool care facilities, which will be built in The Bottom. “It will be a busy and exciting period as these projects and plans start to take shape.” After attending the school assembly at the SHS, Zagers also visited the SCS.

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