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Daycare staff took basic medication administration training

Eight staff members of the Laura Linzey Daycare Center took part in a basic medication administration training provided by the Public Health Department. In principle, the daycare does not administer medication to children, but sometimes children are prescribed medication that needs to be used several times per day. In cases such as this, in consultation with the parents, staff may administer medication to the child in accordance to the daycare's medication administration policy.

The one-day training provided the staff with the necessary knowledge to administer medication in a safe manner. Participants learned, among other things, to identify different types of basic medications, why and how medication is given, to improve procedures for receiving, storing, preparing, and administering medication, to document medication administration, to recognize and respond to adverse reactions to medication and to follow medication administration policies according to organization.

The staff members who successfully completed the training were: Samuela Charles, Verianica Smith, Natalee Campbell- Clarke, Virginia Johnson, Melisa St. Hilaire, Melisen Juana, Sheyla Daniel-Williams and K. Tessa Samuel-Alexander. The training was provided by Tedisha Gordon of the Public Health Department.

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