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Delegations from KMar and OM visit Saba

Saba welcomed two separate delegations from the Openbaar Ministerie and the Koninklijke Marechaussee on May 21st. Outgoing Brigade Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Roland Scheltes, and his successor, Lieutenant Colonel Gerhard Smit, together with Head of Operations, Captain Luuk van de Ven were among the representatives of the KMar. From OM, Saba welcomed the Chief Public Prosecutor, Walter Kupers, and the Attorney General, Guillano Schoop.

Both delegations were given a tour of the Fort Bay harbor, led by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson. A general overview was shared of the harbor’s current operations, its staff, the Makana service, and customs and immigration procedures. Topics that arose from this included enhanced border protection and collaboration between KMar and Customs. Plans for the future development of Black Rocks Harbor were also discussed.

Each delegation then met separately with the Island Governor to discuss each organization’s activities and responsibilities for Saba.

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