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Destination Saba sees increase in international media coverage

As Saba’s tourism sector continues to recover, the island has been receiving international media coverage and mentioning's over the past few weeks. This is in combination with recent press visits, but also being selected by top travel media.

From highlighting the local creative community, to why it’s a perfect day trip destination, Saba was also selected in the top 10 by Lonely Planet and Escapism Toronto as your next Caribbean getaway. Other features include a cover story in The Star Toronto and The Hamilton Spectator, and a blog by PADI.

Strategic destination marketing is extremely important and the more the destination is mentioned it adds to the curiosity of a potential visitor interested in a Caribbean vacation, stated Saba Tourism Director Malinda Hassell. “As Saba continues to work on its exposure to key audiences and source markets it will have a positive effect to potential future bookings, we remain a niche destination.”

In 2021, Saba’s website had over 80,000 unique visits and social media engagement was high. “For a small destination off the beaten path, it shows that visitors are extremely interested in this type of destination: eco-friendly, charming villages, relaxed, unique eco-system and great outdoor activities,” said Hassell.

Saba’s proximity to St. Maarten, which functions as the main hub, and the inter-regional collaborations and partnerships also add to Saba’s success. Island hopping has been increasing with the easing of the entry requirements in the region. For details on Saba’s entry requirements visit:

·Saba was featured in The Sar Toronto’s cover story and The Hamilton Spectator: Find this artisans’ enclave in the Caribbean: The tiny island of Saba impresses with its natural beauty and creative community | The Star

·Featured in A Different Kind of Caribbean Awaits in Saba | Islands

·Saba by Escapism Toronto, 6 Caribbean islands offering a slice of postcard-perfect paradise

·Saba featured in Lonely Planets 9 top experiences for your next Caribbean getaway

·Blog by PADI: Why Saba Should Be on Your Scuba Diving Bucket List (

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