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Director General Donné Slangen Visits Saba

SABA - In a move for continuing environmental sustainability on Saba, Director General Donné Slangen for Nature and Fisheries at the Ministry of Agriculture paid an official visit to the island. Accompanied by Hayo Haanstra, Senior Policy Officer and Yoeri de Vries, Senior Policy Officer, the delegation was here representing Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, the Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy. DG Slangen's visit aimed to foster closer ties between the local government, conservation bodies, and the Dutch government.

During his visit, the Director General met with members of the Executive Council to discuss future collaborations in nature conservation and sustainable fisheries management. Recognizing the unique biodiversity of Saba and its surrounding waters, both parties affirmed their commitment to environmental protection.

Adding to the significance of the visit, DG Slangen also met with Kai Wulf, the Park Manager at Saba Conservation Foundation, to explore synergies in conservation efforts. The meeting further solidified the need for continuing efforts of a collaborative relationship between governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations in the quest for sustainable development.

One of the key moments during DG Slangen's time on the island was his participation in the opening and ceremonial ribbon-cutting of the Saba Research Center (wetlab). Also in attendance during the ribbon cutting was Governor Jonathan Johnson, Commissioner Eviton Heyliger, David Leonce, CEO of Saba Electric Company, and Kai Wulf. The establishment of this facility marks a monumental leap in research capabilities on the island and serves as an attestation to Saba's growing role in protecting the environmental landscape.

This visit from Director General Donné Slangen not only symbolizes the strengthening bonds between Saba and the Dutch government but also paves the way for substantial advancements in preserving the island's rich natural environment. Saba looks forward to further collaborations that will make a lasting impact on both local and international conservation efforts.

Take a moment to watch the Director General Donné Slangen’s statement below.

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