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Disposal of Laundry Wastewater

The Public Entity Saba would like to bring to your attention an important public health concern related to the grey water cisterns.

It has come to the notice of local government that laundry wastewater is being improperly disposed of on public roads. This wastewater eventually runs into grey water cisterns, contaminating the water that is used for agricultural purposes.

Please be advised that in accordance with Ordinance 3.2.1 on pollution, it is unlawful to dispose of laundry wastewater on public roads. Not only is this a violation of local laws, but it also poses a serious risk to public health and wellbeing, as well as agricultural activities in the area.

The local government is committed to safeguarding public health and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. We appreciate your prompt attention to this serious matter and your cooperation in helping to resolve it effectively.

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