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Distribution of Unspoiled Teens magazine

Care coordinator of the Saba Comprehensive School Carol Skinner with health promoter Allan Carolina and students of Form 2

This week the Public Health Department started with the distribution of The Unspoiled Teens magazine at the Saba Comprehensive School. The Unspoiled Teens is a health promotion project specifically aimed at the target group of teenagers and young adults on Saba, but everyone is welcome to read and enjoy it.

The healthy lifestyle magazine was created by health promoter Allan Carolina and includes written articles on important health pillars such as good nutrition, exercise, rest, and hydration but also aspects that teenagers deal with daily such as relationships, social media, and coping with stress.

The magazine also includes photos and visuals of teens living on Saba. It is a local and relatable source of information, presented in a creative and entertaining way to read for the target group. “By informing and educating our young adults on important health aspects, we can help to reduce illnesses and diseases and ensure a healthier community in the future,” said Carolina.

The magazine will be available digitally and in hardcopy. The hardcopies are primarily distributed at the Saba Comprehensive School but also at the local library, Saba Cares, F3 Fun Free Fitness Center, S’Mikes Gym, and Bizzy B Bakery.

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