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End of warning period traffic ordinance

Since May 2022, KPCN and Public Entity enforcers have given warnings and information on violations of the new traffic ordinance and fines concerning violations included in the old ordinance.

KPCN and government enforcers will now start handing out fines for violations of the new traffic ordinance. KPCN conducts multiple extensive controls per year. However, they can also hand out warnings and fines during daily rounds.

Please remember:

  • Buy your road tax sticker on time. You must have your Fuschia (dark pink) sticker on your license plate by the 1st of March.

  • Ensure your tint is in line with the traffic ordinance. At least 35% of light must reach through your front windshield and the two side windows at the front of your car. All other windows and a 7-inch strip at the top of your windshield can be blackened out.

  • Use an appropriate car or booster seat for children under 1,30 meters in length. This child seat needs to adhere to international standards. European seats will have an orange label stating ECE R44-04. American seats will have a label stating the car seat is certified to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or FMVSS 213. Most seats from reputable US or EU sellers will adhere to these standards. Follow the manufacturers' instructions based on the seat size for your child and the placement in your car.

  • Wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Helmets that conform to DOT and ECE safety standards are both acceptable. Helmets also need to comply with international standards and be in good condition.

  • Don't hold your phone or tablet while driving.

  • Make sure your windshields are in one piece, and taillights are working.

  • Cover loose-lying materials at the back of your truck.

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