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Enhancing Emergency Preparedness: BHV Training for Two Public Entity Saba Employees

In a proactive effort to highlight safety measures across all government buildings, two employees from the Public Entity Saba, Maximillian Nicholson and Niel Benjamin, were chosen to undergo Basic Emergency Response (BHV) training. Both individuals have recently concluded a thorough 10-day BHV training program in Aruba, conducted in mid-March. This training initiative forms part of a broader strategic plan aimed toward guaranteeing security and safety of government facilities.

The BHV training, conducted by experienced instructors Frank Wouters and Jan Hemmers, covered a diverse curriculum comprising practical exercises, theoretical studies, and interactive tabletop sessions. The methods were designed to familiarize participants in the training sessions with the skills and knowledge essential for proficient emergency response and management.

The training involved participants from several other islands which included Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Sint Maarten. A total of 11 individuals took part in this collaborative effort, highlighting the regional commitment to enhancing emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

This positive initiative to strengthen Public Entity Saba’s emergency preparedness was initiated by Brenda Tjipjes, Head of the HRM Department, recognizing the paramount significance and responsibility of ensuring workplace safety and internal security for all staff members.

Looking ahead, the trained employees are eager to take on thorough inspections of all government-owned facilities, develop drill scenarios by the fourth quarter of 2024, and potentially deliver training to several of their peers. Equipped with the knowledge and skills acquired through this initiative, Public Entity Saba stands ready to capably handle a range of emergency scenarios.


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