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Executive Council divides portfolios

The Executive Council on Thursday, March 30, decided upon the division of the portfolios.

Commissioner Bruce Zagers will have in his portfolio: General Affairs; Finance and Economic Affairs; Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries; Planning and Infrastructure; Public Works; Constitutional Affairs; Tourism; Water; Harbor; Airport; Nature and Environment; Sanitation and Waste Management; Saba Electric Company (SEC).

Commissioner Eviton Heyliger will have in his portfolio: Education; Community Development; Social and Labor Affairs; Social Housing; Health and Hygiene; Culture and Sports; Archives; Youth Affairs; Gender Affairs; Cadaster; EU Funds; Saba Telephone Company (SATEL).

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson will be over the Census; Personnel Affairs and the Government Organization; Disaster management; Protocol; Public Safety; Communications; Digitalization and IT.

The division of the portfolios took place the day after the appointment of the new commissioners and the start of the new governing period 2023-2027.

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