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EY to conduct Socioeconomic Impact Assessment new harbor

The Public Entity Saba recently contracted Ernst & Young Consulting (EY) to conduct the Socioeconomic Impact Assessment for the new harbor at Black Rocks.

The Socioeconomic Impact Assessment will examine the broader impact that the new harbor will have on the island in relation to job creation, economic development, investment possibilities, and other aspects. The assessment will include the likely socio-economic benefits associated with the construction and future operations of the harbor, such as job creation and contributions to labor income and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Works will include preparing a summary overview of the project, which consists of assessing current and future business activity at the harbor to evaluate its contributions to the broader economy.

Also, a tailored economic impact model will be developed that reflects the economic contribution of the harbor project to the Saba economy. An assessment of the broader industry and social impacts associated with the construction and operations of the new harbor will be made.

EY was selected because it has extensive experience in completing this assessment for large investment projects in various industries. Saba Commissioner Bruce Zagers signed the contract with EY on behalf of the Public Entity Saba.

Several other assessments have been conducted in the past years, such as an environmental impact assessment and an archeological assessment. The socio-economic impact assessment by EY should be completed in time for the tendering and permit process of the multi-million project towards the end of this year.

In March 2022, the Public Entity Saba, represented by Commissioner Zagers, during a visit to the Netherlands, received approval from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) for the final scope of the project as well as approval to begin the tendering and permitting process.

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