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Fire Department recruits three young Sabans

The Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department BKCN successfully recruited three young Sabans, Dalton Barnes, Tyanne Nicholson, and Noah Matthew, for the training to become part of the Saba team.

In need of more personnel, BKCN began the recruiting process for Saba, St. Eustatius, and Bonaire during the summer. Through a proactive approach headed by Fire Chief Julio Every, three young Sabans, all under 21, were recruited for the local team after the initial job interview and intake test.

Dalton Barnes, Tyanne Nicholson, and Noah Matthew officially began to work at BKCN on October 3rd. They will start their formal education to become a firefighter, called ‘Manschap A,’ in late November. This course, which takes 9 months to one year, will take place on all three Caribbean Netherlands islands.

Because the Manschap A course is in the Dutch language, which is not the paternal language of Sabans, BKCN Saba hired someone to conduct 4 to 6 weeks of basic Dutch classes to better prepare the candidates for the actual course in late November.

Barnes, Nicholson, and Matthew are now getting familiar with the workings of the Fire Department during the morning hours, and they have Dutch classes in the afternoon, Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, they take part in the general cleaning and maintenance day together with the rest of the team.

Fire Chief Every said he was very content with the new recruits. “It is important to encourage young Sabans to join organizations like the Fire Department. The candidates are excited and ready to become part of a dynamic team of firefighters at BKCN,” he said.

“It is good to see young, local talent use the opportunity to further develop themselves. These youngsters will be taking part in a rigorous program. We are proud of them and wish them much luck,” said Island Governor Jonathan Johnson.

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