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"Hear the Voices of the Youth" mural unveiled

On May 3rd, the youth mural entitled “Hear the Voice of the Youths” was presented at Well’s Bay. The mural was painted by a group of young people from both the primary school and the high school, facilitated by The Spot Youth Center and guided by American artist, Adam Garlicki, more commonly known as ‘Adam G’. The project, including the brainstorm sessions, took place from the 15th of April until the 29th of April.

The idea for the mural stemmed from a need within the youth community to express and empower themselves, to experiment with a new style of art and to give young artists on Saba the opportunity to work with an established artist within the region. Images of goats, bikes, sporting activities and music were chosen by the youth to reflect important symbols in the community and their hobbies.

Kayla Johnson, one youth who participated in painting the mural, reflected on her experience and stated, 'The mural shows our identity as Sabans and what that means to us'.

Garlicki, who has completed murals throughout Anguilla and Saint Martin, described this project as one of the most unique walls he had created, with Kemaul Lee, Community Outreach Coordinator highlighting it as a 'project that reflects our commitment to amplify the voices and talent of young people within our community while fostering a sense of unity, and pride'.


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