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Historic Moment on Saba: First Calf Born in Nearly Two Decades

SABA - In an exciting moment this week, the community welcomed the birth of the first calf in almost 20 years. The occasion took place in the Windwardside with local resident, Mr. Aneuris Hassell, who proudly owns both the cow and the newly born bull calf.

The arrival of this calf signifies more than just new life. It marks a potential renewal of farming practices that have long been a part of Saba’s heritage. This event underscores the strength and persistence of the Saban community. Mr. Hassell expressed his excitement and gratitude, stating, "It's an unbelievable moment. Thank you to all who helped. This calf brings joy to my family, and I hope it shows our kids that farming is important, and that old and new ways can work together.”

The Public Entity Saba acknowledges the significance of this event. Randall Johnson, Head of Agriculture remarked, "This is a testament to the dedication of our Saban farmers. It's an inspiration for all of us and should be viewed as a symbol of growth and hope of renewed interest and support for traditional agricultural practices on Saba.”

As we reflect on this historic moment, it brings to light stories of Saba’s rich history, and the potential for development of agriculture here on Saba. The birth of this calf is not just a headline – it's inspiration and promise of hope for the future of animal husbandry.

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