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Hurricane Tammy - Update 10

As of the 8:00 AM update, Hurricane Tammy has passed Saba, and the Tropical Storm Warning is no longer in effect. However, rain showers and thunderstorms are still in the area, some will be heavy at times. These storms will continue through today and possibly into tomorrow. With the possibility of heavy rainfall, there is still a significant risk of rock and mudslides, especially in areas prone to such events. Please be cautious while driving, as the roads may have debris from the storm.

As a reminder:

Airport: The airport will be open today at 11:00 AM, weather permitting. Stay tuned for any changes regarding the airport.

Harbor: The Harbor will be open today at 10:00 AM.

Makana Ferry: The Makana Ferry services have been canceled today. They will reassess the weather and sea conditions on Monday, October 23rd.

Waste Management: There will be no garbage pickups today. The garbage pickups will resume on Monday, October 23rd.

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