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Hurricane Tammy - Update 5

As of the latest update, Tammy has been upgraded to Hurricane Category 1. Saba remains under a Tropical Storm Warning.

The storm is forecasted to pass approximately 86 miles ENE of Saba, and is projected to pass Saba sometime Saturday night. Aside from the increase in strength, not much has changed for Saba since the 8 AM update.

Although the track has shifted more to the East, please be advised that even during the periods without rain, there is still a potential for rock and mudslides, and the winds will be tropical storm strength. Take caution when venturing outside of your home. Do continue to ensure your home is safe and secure from any and all objects that could get caught in the winds.

Airport Update: All flights for the remainder of today, October 20th, have been cancelled.

Waste Management Facility (Sanitation): As a reminder, the Waste Management Facility will be open today until 3:00 PM for you to drop off items.

We will continue to monitor the weather updates, and we encourage you to stay connected to Facebook and WhatsApp for any further updates or advisories.

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