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Hurricane Tammy - Update 7

As of the 8:00 AM update for Hurricane Tammy, Saba remains under a Tropical Storm Warning. The center of Hurricane Tammy is located near latitude 15.7 North, longitude 60.6 West. Tammy is moving toward the northwest at 9 mph (15 kmh). The min. pressure based on data collected by the NOAA Hurricane Hunters is 988 mb.

Saba will have sustained winds of 15-30 mph, and tropical Storm winds (39-46 mph) are expected later today and into early Sunday; however, the wind begins to diminish on Sunday. The total rainfall expected is still around 2-4 inches with the possibility of 6 inches. Seas will continue to be rough during the next few days as Tammy passes Saba.

With Hurricane Tammy moving slowly, conditions can be delayed and have the possibility of being prolonged into next week.

We will continue to monitor the weather updates, and we encourage you to stay connected to Facebook and WhatsApp for any further updates or advisories.

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