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International Women’s Day event a great success

The Department of Community Development thanks the community for their support and participation in the commemoration of the International Women's Day on Wednesday, March 8. This year’s keynote speaker Suzy Römer spoke in an excellent way why so much attention is being paid to this day.

The highlight of this year was the Elegant Expo, where, as the first part of the event at the Saba Arawak Hotel, 10 female participants and other ladies who had followed the workshops facilitated by Heleen Cornet and JoBean Chambers on March 5, 6 and 7, were given the opportunity to inspire the other women with their art.

After the Elegant Expo, the program continued with the singing of Saba’s national anthem, a prayer by Ms. A. Blaise, and a number of speakers. Commissioner Rolando Wilson delivered a message of congratulations to the about 200 women who attended the International Women’s Day event. Senior Policy Advisor/Social Worker of the Community Development Department Lucrecia Paulina addressed the women digitally because she could not be present in person. She gave a powerful speech about looking in the mirror as women and the importance of making a change when it comes to helping and/or empowering women in any way.

The evening’s keynote speaker, Suzy Römer gave an important insight of where women’s emancipation and empowering started and where women are now in their struggle of being independent. She stated that women are not at the point where they want to be, but that women came a long way and should be glad with their achievements as women today. “Ladies you are strong,” Römer said.

Coordinator for Domestic Violence Mildred Rijhiner said she was extremely grateful for the support of the Community Development team. She specifically mentioned Charvella Wilson who has made a huge contribution to the event as project assistant.

According to Rijhiner, the main goal was achieved with this event, namely to show women, through art, the many possibilities and opportunities in life. The turnout was excellent and the message came across very well, said Rijhiner. “The message that we wanted to emphasize was well received. We will continue to empower our women in this context, through other activities, such as the setting up of support groups.”

This year's theme was of International Women’s Day was: Making it unrestrictedly livable. Embrace Equity or Give Equity a huge Embrace. This includes what women can do to make their lives unrestrictedly livable again no matter how difficult the conditions may be.

A special thanks to: Heleen Cornet and JoBean Chambers for the workshops, Ms. A. Blaise for the prayer, Commissioner Wilson for his support and contribution to the ladies and the organization as a whole, Senior Policy Advisor/Social Worker Lucrecia Paulina for her speech, keynote speaker Suzy Römer for inspiring our women, Allan Carolina with a great raffle for the ladies, Saba Arawak Hotel for hosting the event. A thanks to the stakeholders: the Public Entity Saba, the Community Development team, the volunteers of Saba Works, BMS, MHC, ZJCN, Public Health, as well as the participants of the Elegant Expo, DJ Kevin Johnson, and of course, all the ladies who attended.

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