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Invitation to Participate in Butcher Training

As part of the Nature and Environment Policy Plan for the Caribbean Netherlands, the Public Entity Saba organizes training course for those who are interested in proper butchering and processing of meat. The focus will be on goat meat.

The training will take place at the Animal Station (next to the Hydroponics) in two groups of max. 5 persons. The duration of the training will be 2 days (Mo/Tu and Th/Fr) in the week from January 29 to February 2, 2024.


This course will focus on:

  • Different ways of slaughtering

  • Improving knowledge of the interior of the animal

  • Improving knowledge of the different parts for preparing meat

  • Proper processing of the carcass into several meat products


For more information and/or registration for this training course you can contact the Government Veterinarian via WhatsApp at +599-416-6645 or email


The Public Entity invites you for this unique possibility in order to improve local food production and animal welfare on Saba.

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