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Jonny Andersen appointed as new chairman of the Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports

Jonny Andersen, CEO of Curacao Airport Partners N.V., will be the next chairperson of the Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports (DCCA) following a unanimous decision during the DCCA’s collective meeting on March 11, 2024.

He will take over in the summer of 2024 from Joost Meijs who has served as chairperson since the establishment of the DCCA in 2021.

The DCCA consists of the six airports in the Dutch Caribbean, who work closely to exchange knowledge, perform safety and security audits and enhance collaboration with other stakeholders to improve connectivity between the Dutch Caribbean islands.

Andersen extends his heartfelt appreciation to Meijs for his outstanding leadership of the DCCA.

“Together, we will further develop the Dutch Caribbean aviation sector, enhancing its safety, connectivity, ease of travel, sustainability, and relevance for the region,” said Andersen.

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