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Minister Mariëlle Paul Renews Commitment to Education in Saba

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Mariëlle Paul who is currently visiting the Caribbean Netherlands embarked on a productive working tour of Saba on Wednesday, January 31st, 2024, with a specific focus on the primary and secondary institutions on the island. The purpose of her visit was to acquaint herself with the diverse professionals operating within Saba's educational landscape. Guided by Island Governor Jonathon Johnson, Minister Paul commenced her day at the Public Entity Saba, where she engaged in discussions with Commissioner Bruce Zagers, Commissioner Eviton Heyliger, and Head of Community Development and Culture Rosalyn Johnson. These deliberations covered a range of educational topics pertinent to Saba, notably including the development of multilingualism among pupils.

Of significant note during Minister Paul's visit was the renewal of the Covenant of Educational Buildings on Saba, underscoring the commitment of both Minister Paul and Commissioner Eviton Heyliger to the continual improvement of school infrastructure, ensuring conducive learning environments for all students.

Subsequently, Minister Paul toured the Sacred Heart School and the Saba Comprehensive School, where she had the opportunity to interface with principals Ildefon Verberne and Jessica Besselink, as well as numerous dedicated educators. Impressed by the dedication exhibited by these educational institutions in meeting the needs of their students, Minister Paul also engaged in conversations regarding the challenges confronting the schools. She reaffirmed the steady commitment of the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Public Entity and school boards, to uphold the standard of education in Saba, ensuring that every child receives the highest quality education attainable.

Furthermore, Minister Paul took the time to interact with students, discussing their aspirations for the future, which ranged from aspiring pilots to budding athletes and musicians. Notably, special attention was given to the support provided by EC2 to students requiring additional assistance to fully engage in their educational journey.

The visit concluded at The Spot, a popular destination for youngsters after school, where Minister Paul observed firsthand the recreational and educational activities available to the youth of Saba.

This marks Minister Paul's second visit to Saba, reflecting her ongoing commitment to the region's educational development. Her itinerary includes further engagements in the Caribbean Netherlands until February 2nd, with following visits planned for Bonaire on Thursday and Friday, following her earlier itinerary in Statia earlier in the week.

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