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Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management Provides Additional Subsidy for Water Costs Reduction on Saba

Updated: Jul 2

Public Entity Saba is pleased to announce a significant step towards enhancing the affordability of water in Saba. As part of the annual subsidies to lower water costs, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has allocated additional funding for 2024, as part of the purchasing power package for the Caribbean Netherlands. The aim is to increase the affordability of water in Saba. The subsidy is available until the end of 2024 unless the allocated funds are exhausted before that date.

This initiative emphasizes the Ministry's commitment to ensuring access to affordable, quality water for all residents of Saba, contributing to the island's sustainable development and well-being.

Saba Splash

Saba Splash will substantially reduce prices thanks to the additional subsidy. The new rates for Saba Splash will go into effect as of July 1st, 2024. Previously offered at $3.50 for 3 gallons and $4.50 for 5 gallons, customers can now purchase Saba Splash at the affordable rates of $1.00 for 3 gallons and $2.50 for 5 gallons.

Current Rates

New Rates

$3.50 – 3 Gallon

$1.50 – 3 Gallon

$4.50 – 5 Gallon

$2.00 – 5 Gallon


Saba Splash can be purchased at the following locations:

·         Unique Supermarket

·         Big Rock Market

·         Saba Greens Store

·         Receivers Office at the Government Building (includes free delivery)


RO Water

The rates for the RO water will also be significantly lowered in the coming weeks. The framework for this reduction is currently being formulated and when finalized, will go into effect. The community will be updated on this when more information is available.


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