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New volcano measuring station on the whale's tail

The KNMI wants to install two new measuring stations (GNSS) on Parish Hill near the whale's tail. These measuring stations monitor the volcano by looking at tiny movements of the earth, giving an even more accurate picture of the volcano's state. There are already three other comparable stations on Saba.

It is essential to build up a network of measuring instruments on different points of Saba to pick up signs of volcanic activity as early as possible to keep the inhabitants of Saba safe. Currently, there are no worrying signals.

The KNMI also plans to install four smaller stations to evaluate how they work. They will place one of those next to the larger one at the whale's tail to compare data.

If you have any questions or concerns about the placement of these measuring stations, don't hesitate to get in touch with the advisor on Disaster Management, Lune Zijnen (, by the 21st of January.

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Jelle vanderVelde
Jelle vanderVelde

The local, historical name of the ''Whale's Tail" is The Tent.

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