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Nordic Ski Scout Team Explores Saba's Potential as a Destination for Roller Skiing Events

Updated: May 24, 2023

SABA -- Saba recently had the privilege of hosting a visit from a Nordic ski scout team from the United States. The team consisted of Tracy Cote, the long-time Colby College Nordic Ski team coach; Patrick Cote, a US Ski Team certified course designer; Silas Eastman, the chief trail groomer and course manager in Jackson, New Hampshire, home of the largest Nordic skiing trail network in New England; and Deanna Eastman, a member of Jackson’s ski patrol and emergency response team.

The Nordic ski scout team set out on an adventure that ended up blending the beauty of roller skiing with the joy of hiking. Saba's roads and the attractive hiking trail system provided a remarkable opportunity for the team to combine the two activities seamlessly. They were delighted by the idea of skiing and then hiking, making the most of the island's natural terrain.

During their stay, the team took on the challenge of assembling four exhilarating uphill climbs. The roads proved to be a great match for their training and allowed them to push their limits while taking in the beautiful views that Saba has to offer. The team’s coordinator Chris Fauske stated, “the smoothness of the concrete road surface presented fewer challenges than the team anticipated and offered the opportunity for extensive ‘classic’ technique skiing.”

The island's warm hospitality, coupled with its stunning natural surroundings, left a lasting impression on the team members. As a result, the team is engaged in discussions to consider the island for future ski events.

As the Nordic ski team concluded their journey to Saba, they left with a deeper understanding of the island's potential. The team recognizes the untapped opportunity that Saba presents, and they are excited about the prospect of introducing the world of roller skiing to the Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean.

This visit further strengthens Saba's reputation as a destination that embraces exciting outdoor adventures. The Public Entity Saba anticipates future collaborations with ski enthusiasts and is committed to highlighting Saba's distinctive charm on a global scale.

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