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PES attends Crisis and Disaster Management conferences

In April and May, several employees from Public Entity Saba participated in crisis and disaster management events. Their participation included attendance at the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando in April, followed by the Governor’s Hurricane Conference in West Palm Beach in May.


The National Hurricane Conference and the Governor’s Hurricane Conference both focus on strengthening hurricane preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts. The National Hurricane Conference, a three-day event held on the 25th to 27th of April, aims to protect lives and property in the United States, the Caribbean and Pacific tropical islands. Similarly, the Governor’s Hurricane Conference, a five-day event held from 13th to the 17th of May, addresses all aspects of hurricane readiness through training and workshops.


The employees who participated in the National Hurricane Conference included Head of Public Works Lisa Hassell, Team Leader Electrical Philbert Ryner, and Head of Waste Management & Recycling Roxanne Simmons.  During the conference, Simmons shared her insights on the value of these conferences.

According to Simmons, “Attending the hurricane conference was highly beneficial for a number of reasons. The conference equips you with the latest knowledge, connects you with other professionals, introduces you to new technologies, and best practices, and enhances your ability to effectively prepare for and respond to hurricane events. For many professionals, attending conferences is a key component of continuing education by contributing to professional growth through enhancing your knowledge base, improving your skill set, and keeping you up to date with industry standards and certifications. This knowledge can then be directly applied to improve strategies and protocols.”


Attending the Governor’s Hurricane Conference were Head of Public Order and Safety Walle Bos and Communications Officer Lincoln Charles. The event focused on enhancing crisis management skills, featuring a series of workshops and simulations designed to test and improve the responsiveness of emergency personnel. During one of these critical sessions, Charles highlighted the practical benefits of the exercises. He stated that during the conference, "The exercise required attendees to create and deliver messages and solutions for each specific simulated event. This hands-on activity provided a realistic experience in producing targeted communication strategies under pressure, helping participants polish up on their decision-making skills in an active learning environment."


Participation of Public Entity Saba employees to these conferences and events reflects the commitment to continuous professional development and knowledge exchange in crisis and disaster management.

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