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PES Employees complete Dutch Language Courses

For the past four months, 16 employees of Public Entity Saba have participated in Dutch Language classes, with levels ranging from A1, A2 and B1, facilitated by PES and Saba Reach Foundation.

This initiative for PES employees to partake in learning the Dutch Language was supported by the Department of Human Resources, who saw the need to take a more proactive approach in stimulating employees to learn Dutch. These classes were therefore offered during the workday as part of the employee’s professional development. Taking these steps towards learning Dutch then helps employees to increase their career opportunities and the possibilities for participating in exchange programs with other BES islands and the European Netherlands.

According to one participant, Rodolfo Gonzalez, a member of the HR Department, through this program, he has already seen improvement in his understanding of the Dutch language and is enthusiastic about beginning the A2 class.

“HR will keep the momentum of this proactive approach going, as we continue to encourage a diverse range of PES employees to engage in these programs,” stated Gonzalez.

Saba Reach Foundation has been providing Adult Language Education courses to the community for several years, granting participants the opportunity to learn Dutch, English and Spanish at different levels. The next intake for Dutch A1 has begun, with both afternoon and evening classes being offered, beginning from mid-August.

The certification ceremony for A1 students will occur in August, with almost 80% of the A1 class having passed the exam. A2 and B1 certification ceremonies will be held later in the year.

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