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Pet Fees

Public Notice 4-24

The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba would like to inform the public of the following:

Based on the Island Ordinance Identification and Registration of Livestock and

Pets 2004, an ISO Chip is an accepted proof of registry and all animal owners.

are required to pay an annual identification and registration fee.


The Executive Council has mandated the collection of the fee above to the

Saba Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SFPCA).


All animal owners are obliged to pay the fee for 2024. This can be done at the SFPCA Clinic, in the Agriculture Building (next to the former Fire Station in English Quarter)

every Monday evening from 5 p.m to 7 p.m.


Persons coming to pay are advised to bring the chip number(s) or the pet(s) to

the clinic for chip scanning or insertion. Non-Saban chips are accepted.


The fee (per animal) is as follows:


Sterilized Animals (Spayed or Neutered)*                    10.00USD

Unaltered Animals                                                      100.00USD


Sterilization of Cats and Dogs *                                  FREE

Check Up of Cats and Dogs*                                       FREE


*appointment and information available at the SFPCA Clinic on Monday evenings,

SFPCA Facebook or directly with Veterinarian Eva de Vries DVM

The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba

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