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Public Entity Saba and PCN looking at partnership

Updated: May 27, 2022

The Public Entity Saba and Stichting Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (‘PCN’) have signed a Letter of Intent on May 20 to jointly explore the development of childcare facilities on Saba.

By signing the Letter of Intent, the parties confirmed their intention towards a partnership in the form of an investment agreement in the near future. Based on this agreement, PCN would design, build and fund a new childcare facility on Saba.

By working together, both parties are aiming at a long-term commitment which is critical to support both the community of Saba, while meeting all the requirements of PCN’s local investment policy.

The Public Entity Saba is in the process of purchasing the yet undeveloped property for the construction of a much-needed childcare facility, which will house both the Laura Linzey Daycare Center and the afterschool care provided by the Saba Girls and Boys Sports Society.

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