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Public Tender (Sacred Heart School)

Public Tender for the expansion of the primary school (Sacred Heart School)


The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba

Date: May 10th 2022

Management and supervision

The Planning Bureau of the Public Entity Saba.


It concerns the expansion of the primary school named the Sacred Heart School (SHS) at Pasture Road 9 in St. John’s. The work entails the following but is not limited to:

1. Demolish building block E with caution to preserve the foundation (approximately 196 m2 / 589 m3);

2. Rebuild building block E (two levels of approximately 492 m2 / 3.440 m3 in total);

3. Ground work for outdoor (play) area.

The demolishing (1) needs to be done during the summer vacation from July 1 to August 19, 2022.

The end date for the construction of building block E (2) and the ground work for the outdoor area (3) is February 17, 2023.

Tender process

The tender document is written in English and can be obtained by sending an email to until May 20th, 2022. There will be a site visit (meet at Pasture Road 9 in St. John’s) and an information meeting at the Planning Bureau (Church Street 8, The Bottom) during which you can ask questions. The information meeting can be attended in person or online. If you want to join the site visit and/or the information meeting send an email to

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