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Recap - Parenting in Action - Constructive use of gaming

Last Thursday, June 2nd, the Parenting in Action group, in collaboration with The Becky’s House of E-Sports, held an in-person session at the house of E-sports. The topic discussed was The constructive use of gaming. The session was also live via the Public Entity, Public Health, and Saba Comprehensive school Facebook page.

The hosts for the evening were Ann-Marie Blaise of the Sacred Heart School and Rosalyn Johnson of The Community Development Department. The guest speakers were; Valeria Perez Cordero, Glen Pileo, Tobias Hermans and Alejandro Londono Garcia.

The group began the session with a tour of the facility and showcasing the immense range of available games. They then went into a scope of topics such as The positive use of gaming, finding a healthy balance between school life and gaming, and how parents can positively support their child’s gaming endeavors. The session ended with outdoor physical activities similar to what is done with the students when they visit the House of E-sports before they start gaming. During break sessions, parents also got the chance to explore the world of gaming & E-sports themselves.

Saba comprehensive School has set up Becky’s House of E-sports to cater to the gaming needs of students at a time when computer games are a popular pastime among the current generation of young people. Playing games and e-sports is about much more than just enjoying yourself. It’s competitive, builds social skills, uncovers hidden talents, helps blow off steam, and is educational. Becky’s is a safe space where children can go to have fun, learn and grow.

Parenting in action continues to be an avenue where parents can gain support with the most challenging job in the world- being a parent. They will host a Father’s Day event on Thursday, June 16th, at the Comprehensive School. More information to follow on this later.

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