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Recognizing Earth Day 2022 - "Feed the World!"

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd by billions of people around the globe, joining together to promote awareness of our environment's health. Gezondheid Farms, the Public Entity Saba, and local farmers and herders celebrate Earth Day together by understanding Mother Nature and how we can help her do her job.

To allow crop production 24/7/365 on Saba, we are harnessing the influences of Mother Nature and replicating them indoors. Natural sunlight, slight cool winds, and nutritional rainwater are all significant factors that influence the growth of crops. When hurricanes, pandemics, climate change, and war-time risks affect the availability of fresh crops imported into Saba, we must ask Mother Nature to teach us how to grow indoors under shelter protection.

Gezondheid Farms understands the (20) influences Mother Nature exposes plants to outdoors and replicates the processes indoors in a controlled environment. Doing this helps manage risks related to severe weather, pest infestations, feral animals roaming about, and the wind passing pathogens and molds that can affect crop production growth.

In previous years, risks were not much of a bother due to families growing enough food to sustain themselves and their neighbors. Today, food production on the island is at its lowest yield in 100 years, as we need to manage risks to allow maximum crop yield potential. This awareness is paramount to our health and quality of life.

Commissioner Wilson, the Saba Agricultural Department, local farmers, herders, and Gezondheid Farms ask you to join us as we help Mother Nature continue to feed the Earth when we experience risks beyond our control. Celebrate with your local farmers on Earth Day 2022.

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