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Reforestation project and Department of Agriculture help beautify Saba airport

Last week, the Public Entity Saba’s reforestation project and its Department of Agriculture planted 54 bougainvillea shrubs at the Juancho Yrausquin Airport. These flowering shrubs were planted in an effort with airport management to help further beautify the area. The shrubs were planted along the roadside where it has been recently widened and in the planter at the entrance of the airport building. More of these shrubs will be planted along the airport road where it is now being widened to continue the beautification process.


Bougainvilleas come in a variety of colors. While these shrubs bear beautiful flowers, they are also tolerant to drought and salty conditions. More importantly, they are non-invasive. It is for these reasons that these shrubs were selected for planting in this part of the island.


Throughout the island there are many projects being carried out that involve construction. The activities of these projects impact the natural environment and sometimes result in the removal of trees and other plants. In areas where this takes place, the reforestation project will replant trees and other plants in an effort to give back to the environment what was taken away. Flowering shrubs and trees will be used for this purpose and to help further beautify the island.


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