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Saba Airport Travel Regulations

We strongly advise All departing passengers to check in 90 mins before boarding time. Late check-ins will be denied. The check-in process is longer now due to Covid-19 protocols and additional document checks. There should be ample time for the immigration to process passengers. Departing passengers must be at the departure gate area in time for boarding.

Necessary Travel documents to have in hand when departing Saba;

Passport and ID card

EHAS form for those traveling to or through St. Maarten

Vaccination Card (for those that are vaccinated)

Ensure you have all travel documents required to enter your travel destination!

Necessary Travel documents to have in hand on arrival to Saba;

Entry form for Saba

Vaccination Card (for those that are vaccinated)

Result of the pre-travel test (if required)


Masks are mandatory in the terminal building, the departure area & onboard the aircraft! You are responsible for having a mask.

Good Byes;

Non-travelers are not allowed in the building. You can say your Goodbyes in the public areas before entering the terminal building.


Because of the construction of the new RFF building, parking spaces are now limited. For this reason, we advise that cars should not be left parked at the airport for longer than 24 hour periods.

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