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Saba becomes member of Local2030 Islands Network

During the Local2030 Islands Network Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, Saba formally became a member. The conference took place from April 23 to April 25 and focused on natural solutions and restoration efforts, while bringing together delegates from islands around the world with a shared sense of purpose and unity.

The presence of a large delegation from the Dutch Caribbean, including representatives from Saba, Statia, Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire and the Cabinet of the Special Envoy of the BES Islands, underlined the region's commitment to cooperation and environmental conservation. With a history of collaboration and a shared vision of a sustainable future, the islands are poised to make a significant impact within the global network of island communities.


Saba chose to become a member in order to express commitment to advancing sustainable development and climate resilience within the community by supporting the four principles of the Local 2030 Islands Network. The four principles of the Local 2030 Islands Network include identifying and advancing sustainable development goals (SDGs) and strengthening political leadership on climate resilience, strengthening public-private partnerships in implementing sustainable practices into policy and planning, using reporting tools to measure SDG progress and implementing concrete initiatives which build island resilience and a circular economy.


The theme of this year’s conference was “Island Solutions for a Resilient Future”, offering insights into best practices, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, technical assistance for island-led initiatives, fostering collaboration with various experts to develop sustainable and regenerative solutions, and financing of SDG’s. A range of technical experts, cultural stewards, academics, policy makers and political leaders attended the conference to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and bolster climate resilience through the sharing of island solutions as similar challenges exist.


Public Entity Saba extends its gratitude to the Cabinet of the Special Envoy of the BES Islands for including and introducing us to the Islands Network.

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