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Saba educating enforcers

For the past two weeks, Saba has been educating a new team of government enforcers. Trainers Henk Jan Starrenburg and Michel Kloet trained the new enforcers, including a delegation from Statia. The Saban team included two general enforcers and several specialty enforcers on building regulations, harbor, hygiene, and environmental conservation.

Course material consisted of the legal system in the Netherlands and the BES islands, engaging with inhabitants that violate the law, and writing reports for the Public Prosecutor.

The Public Entity Saba is working on better enforcement of different regulations. For instance, in the past weeks, enforcers have started enforcing the plastic ban, and through the year, enforcement will broaden. The participants are currently waiting for their exam results and, upon passing, will be officially appointed.

If you have questions about enforcement on Saba, send them to

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