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Saba might be the smallest in the Dutch Caribbean, but leading in sustainability and recycling

Starting with the complete elimination of frequent open landfill fires several years ago, Commissioner Bruce Zagers vision for a “Green Saba” continues to set the example to inspire the rest of the Caribbean.

Saba’s most recent recycling project completed this month included 179 tons of waste collected throughout June. The barge departed on Sunday, July 3rd carrying 80+ cars along with scrap metal and white goods such as fridges, stoves, washing machines, etc.

This massive feat of logistics, innovation, and implementation would not have happened if it weren’t for the initiative of Commissioner Bruce Zagers and the level of collaboration between all aspects of Saba’s waste management department and Cadwell, Inc.

The unique success of this program is a product of a team that truly cares to make a positive impact for the people of Saba, including the Cadwell Inc. team, but especially the contributions of:

  • Commissioner Bruce Zagers – passionate about creating a cleaner environment and improving the quality of life for those who are directly impacted by the adverse conditions created by the local processing of waste,

  • Camilo Usuga (Waste Management & Recycling Manager) – carrying the mantle of leadership with strength and foresight,

  • Nicole Johnson (Senior Policy Advisor) - the “glue” keeping it all together,

  • Arnold Johnson (Waste Plant Manager) & the landfill crew - respected & pivotal to the entire project, along with a great team

  • Coulton Johnson (previous Head of Sanitation) – organization & initiative from the beginning,

  • Travis Johnson (Harbor Master), along with his team, - “outside the box” thinking and organization,

  • Brian Hassell (CEO Work Monster) – driving force to see project to successful completion,

  • Jefferson Abraham (CEO J&A Auto repairs) – incredible partner & ‘get it done’ guy,

  • Omar Johnson (contractor, Royal Star) – very resourceful, always having a solution for any hurdles

“The secret to the successful implementation of this recycling program on Saba: Everybody is in ONE accord.” Andrew Cadwell, CEO Cadwell, Inc.

“From day-1, the incredible team here has understood the vision for a clean & sustainable Saba. We all have been focused on the people of Saba who we want to have beautiful, healthy lives,” said Andrew Cadwell, CEO Cadwell, Inc.

The leadership of Saba truly wanted transformation and backed that up with an unparalleled collaboration to overcome any challenge they faced. This has resulted in an overall cleaner waste & recycling system that has completely eliminated the dangerous toxic black smoke billowing from its landfill.

This “Green Saba” is safer, cleaner and her unique beauty really shines for the people of Saba, the tourists that visit, and as an example for the rest of the Dutch Caribbean. Cadwell, Inc. is honored to have provided the expertise, support and tools to help facilitate Saba’s vision into reality. Keeping her name as the Unspoiled Queen.

Saba’s summer metal recycling initiative was part of a process that keeps getting better and better. It also has opened the doors to incredible opportunities to save on shipping for import/export.

“Waste solutions, especially for our small scale are complex. However, together with Cadwell Inc, we have been able to make significant progress in a relatively short period of time. Not only are we working towards a greener Saba but we are also steadfast in our goal to continue optimizing our waste management solutions to be more efficient and sustainable.” Commissioner Bruce Zagers
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