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Saba on cover page Canada travel magazine

Saba was recently featured on the cover page of the September 2021 issue of Canada Travel & Leisure Magazine as well as in a two-page editorial detailing Saba’s unique assets, product review and entry requirements. The magazine refers to Saba as “The secret treasure of the Dutch Caribbean” and “The hidden jewel of the Caribbean.”

The Canadian Travel & Leisure Magazine is distributed to a readership of over 100,000 online and the glossy magazine is distributed to high-income household paid subscribers of the Saturday Star in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

“We are confident that this tourism issue and coverage will have a positive spin-off effect and lead to more travel writers, consumers and trade partners becoming curious of Saba, which we hope will translate into increased bookings,” said Saba Tourist Bureau Director Malinda Hassell.

“As travel and tourism are slowly recovering in Canada and the demand for travel to the Caribbean starts increasing, we see more travelers seeking new and unique eco-destinations that are safe and off the beaten path. Saba fits this profile perfectly,” added Hassell, who became Saba’s new Tourism Director in August this year.

Hassell was positive about the return of Sunwing from Canada to St. Maarten next month. “This is a wonderful indication that Canadian consumers are more confident to start travelling. The timing of the publication in Canada Travel & Leisure Magazine comes at a great time in order to start fortifying our destination presence and awareness. We look forward to a positive, stronger fall/winter season and to being able to recover and grow our Canadian market share,” she stated.

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