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Saba participates in 16th Edition of SMART Tradeshow and hosts travel agents

Saba, participated in the 16th edition of the St. Maarten/St. Martin Annual Regional Tradeshow (SMART). The event, which brought together Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Travel Writers, and Event Planners from across the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, served as a pivotal platform for Saba to showcase its unique offerings and the opportunity for valuable connections within the tourism industry.

Throughout the event, Saba had the opportunity to engage in a series of appointments aimed at promoting the island's activities, informing attendees of its diverse range of experiences, and fostering networking opportunities with new and existing tour operators and travel agents. Particularly noteworthy was the emphasis on highlighting Saba's potential for island hopping experiences, an area that could be overlooked by new tour operators. The tourist Bureau was represented by Stephanie Peterson & Malinda Hassell.

Furthermore, Saba had the privilege of meeting with representatives from St. Martin and St. Maarten tourism boards, WinAir, and other regional island tourism boards to explore potential collaborations and discuss opportunities.

Saba also hosted after the event ABC Travel and Bay Travel from The Netherlands, both tour operators who actively promote and sell Saba. This provided an invaluable opportunity to acquire updates on the properties they sell and the activities and culinary aspects the island has to offer. Both expressed that they were impressed by the product offering and would highly recommend clients to book Saba. Both tour operators also sell an SSS Island Hopping package which is gaining a lot of interest.

Reflecting on the event, Malinda Hassell, Director of Tourism for Saba, commented, "The SMART tradeshow serves as a platform for connecting regional islands with trade partners from diverse regions. As St. Maarten serves as our main hub, this event offers an ideal platform for meaningful discussions on sales, training, collaborations, and product offerings. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the SMART organizers for a successful event."

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