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Saba prepared to assist those in need in St. Vincent

On Friday morning, Public Entity Saba received information on the volcanic eruption on St. Vincent. Immediately, Island Governor Jonathan Johnson contacted a representative of the Saban Vincentian community, offering assistance within the Public Entity’s capacity.

This morning, Monday, April 12th, the Executive Council had a meeting with persons of Vincentian descent living on the island regarding what further assistance Saba could provide.

The Island government offered to organize a charter flight for some Vincentians who have been displaced due to the crisis to come to Saba for reprieve.

As for other assistance, the Public Entity Saba is also in contact with other relief organizations that are already assisting within the region and on the ground in St. Vincent to ensure that the help from Saba gets to those most impacted by the volcano.

Details of how Sabans that would like to assist can do so will be forthcoming.

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